About Us


About Us

Reussis InfoTech (formerly known as MNG technologies) was founded in 2006 by visionary executives dedicated to provide total IT solutions under one roof.

Reussis InfoTech products and services help Customers from various sectors effectively in order to meet their business challenges. With technical expertise and employing a flexible approach to client relationships ,Reussis InfoTech offers its clients Customized applications ,Software development and Integration ,Web development and Design, ERP solutions ,Internet marketing, Customer relationship Management (CRM),Web Maintenance and Mobile Applications.

Since its inception in 2006 Reussis InfoTech has invested in new technologies, processes and people in order to help its Clients succeed by harnessing the power of evolving technology and Creative Ideas in various domains by solving complex problems in order to succeed.


Reussis vision is to be an exemplary provider of web services harnessing the power of evolving technology and creative ideas in a synergic environment that encourages innovation in the ever-changing world.


At Reussis InfoTech our mission is to be a one stop shop for Web solutions.

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